Why You should choose MinuteBids?

It’s simple

From developing project specifications to signing your contracts, MinuteBids simplifies the entire bidding process for all your maintenance projects.

Great for Record Keeping 

MinuteBids stores all key property maintenance/project information, securely and confidentially in the cloud. Easily access project details, budgets, costs, contracts, terms and conditions.

Saves time

Templated bid requests, instant matching and quick responses save lots of time. No chasing new service providers – use your own or MinuteBids will find new ones. It’s automatic, fast and safe. Once your project is complete, use the inspection tools to run and maintain the property.

Saves money

The entire bidding process with crystal clear direction, instant communications, quick turn around, and line item comparability saves money on every MinuteBids project.

Thousands of service providers 

A wide range of service providers are available in your area and all of them are interested in your business. Only service providers that work in your area and provide the services you need will bid on your projects.

User-based ratings ensures quality service providers

MinuteBids property managers rate their experience with service providers, so you know they can do the it right the first time, every-time.

How does it work?

Once you register with MinuteBids, easily get qualified bids for your property maintenance projects from high quality service providers.

  • Be matched to top performing service providers in the MinuteBids community
  • Invite your preferred service providers simply by entering their email address
  • Set a deadline for bid submissions
  • Invited service providers will be notified about the project and asked to submit a bid

Request Bids Like A Pro

  • Name your project
  • Choose the services you need
  • Use the default specifications or add your own specifications
  • Upload files to provide more information

Review Bids and Award the Project

  • Bids arrive on time every time
  • Bids are presented in comparable side by side layout for easy review
  • Award the project with a keystroke
  • All service providers are automatically notified

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