Why you should choose MinuteBids Corporate?

MinuteBids Corporate Edition has been a great tool for us, saving us time when building our comprehensive RFPs and maintaining our records for review and future planning.

Does your team work together when they need to?  MinuteBids Corporate allows all your property managers to collaborate on their projects to save you time and money. Are all your property managers using your scope of work specifications across your property portfolio?  Do they collaborate to leverage your buying power with your service providers? Are they using your company’s contract terms and conditions? MinuteBids Corporate ensures that all your property managers are following your organization’s guidelines.  You can easily load your standardized contract, terms and conditions documents and your scope of work specifications into MBC. Ensuring all your property managers use them when requesting bids for their projects. MBC saves time and money across your enterprise by allowing your property managers to collaborate and to negotiate the best deal with your service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the MinuteBids Corporate Edition? A. MinuteBids Corporate is an enterprise level application that manages the bidding processes for services across properties and property managers within your organization. Property managers collaborate across projects and service providers Consistent bidding process across your entire team Ensure all corporate guidelines and scope of work specifications are adhered to for accurate reporting Easily accessed contract agreements and all pertinent documents across properties and projects Ensure timely completion of the bidding processes across all your properties’ projects Ensure the quality of work from your service providers through shared feedback from your team of property managers Maximize efficiencies to save time and moneyQ. How much does MinuteBids Corporate Edition cost?

A. Contact us to learn more about MinuteBids Corporate Edition pricing  at mbc@minutebids.com.Q. How is this different than MinuteBids?

A. MinuteBids Corporate is based on the MinuteBids platform with key enhancements for enterprise customers.Q. How does MinuteBids Corporate allow collaboration?

A. Property managers who have permission may review each project on the MinuteBids Corporate activity screen. All messaging, all communications and all project artifacts are archived with the project for reference. The central administrator posts templates for scope of work specifications and terms and conditions that each of your property managers need to utilize for their projectsQ. Who has access to my projects?

A. MinuteBids Corporate uses role based security allowing you to determine who has access.Q. How do I sign up/start/What are the next steps?

A. Just let us know you are interested in learning more about MinuteBids Corporate and we will connect with you. Contact us at mbc@minutebids.comQ. More questions?

A. If we haven’t answered all your questions, contact us at mbc@minutebids.com or visit the MinuteBids FAQ

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